Giorgio Guglieri, Carlo E.D. Riboldi
Introduction to Flight Dynamics

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This book is intended to serve a diverse audience of students and engineers who are interested in understanding and utilizing the concepts of flight dynamics. The volume provides to the reader the basic principles based on a classical analytical approach. The concepts of controllability and maneuverability are detailed starting from the definition of stability and control of the equilibrium states. Equations for the estimation of hinge moments and stick force in steady and maneuvering flight are provided. The equations of motion are then extended to unsteady flight and a detailed analytical model is derived for dynamic stability analysis, including an interpretation of stability and control derivatives.
The modal response of the vehicle in the longitudinal and lateral-directional plane is also reconstructed. The problems inherent in the evaluation of the flying qualities of a fixedwing aircraft and the elements of parameter identification are also introduced. Finally, open and closed loop response  to controls is discussed both in time and frequency domain.

Preliminary remarks

1 Equilibrium in steady flight: stability and control
1.1 Aircraft equilibrium and static longitudinal stability
1.1.1 Contribution of the wing to CMG
1.1.2 Contribution of the fuselage to CMG
1.1.3 Contribution of the horizontal tail to CMG
1.1.4 Denition of CMG and of neutral point of the aircraft
1.2 Aircraft control in the longitudinal plane
1.3 Hinge moments and stick forces
1.3.1 Analysis of stick xed conditions
1.3.2 Analysis of stick free conditions
1.3.3 Tabs and stick forces
1.4 Aircraft maneuverability
1.5 General design requirements

2 Flight dynamics
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Reference frames
2.2.1 Local vertical reference ('NED')
2.2.2 Wind reference
2.2.3 Body reference
2.3 Equations of motion

3 Unsteady motion in the longitudinal plane
3.1 Equations of motion in the longitudinal plane
3.2 Dierentiation of the applied forces
3.3 Equations of motion in non-dimensional form
3.4 Solution of the equations of motion
3.5 Conditions for dynamic stability

4 Unsteady motion in the lateral-directional plane
4.1 Equations of motion in the lateral-directional plane
4.2 Aerodynamic derivatives in the lateral-directional plane
4.2.1 The derivatives with respect to sideslip angle
4.2.2 The derivatives with respect to roll rate p
4.2.3 The derivatives with respect to yaw rate r
4.3 Solution of the equations of motion

5 Flying qualities
5.1 Introduction
5.2 International standards

6 Parameter identication
6.1 Introduction
6.1.1 Linearization
6.1.2 Parameter identication of controlled systems
6.2 Flight testing for identication
6.2.1 Maneuvers for identication
6.2.2 Input design
6.2.3 Collinearity
6.3 Techniques for parameter identication
6.3.1 Least squares method
6.3.2 Maximum likelihood method
6.4 Data compatibility check

Aviation photography


A Hinge moments and stick forces
A.1 Stick free neutral point
A.2 Tabs
A.3 The stick force
A.4 Eects of friction on the control link
A.5 Maneuverability
A.5.1 Relative density
A.5.2 Contribution of the isolated wing in presence of a non-zero q angular speed
A.5.3 Computation of xM
A.5.4 Computation of xM0

B Open loop time domain response

C Open loop frequency domain response

D Closed loop response

E Euler angles and rotations
E.1 Euler angles
E.2 Elemental rotation matrix
E.3 The time derivatives of Euler angles
E.4 QuaternionsBibliography

Giorgio Guglieri è professore ordinario di Meccanica del Volo presso il Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale del Politecnico di Torino.

Giorgio Guglieri, associate professor of Flight Mechanics at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Torino, lecturer of Flight Simulation and Helicopter Flight Mechanics, is currently also teaching Flight Dynamics at Politecnico di Milano.

Carlo E.D. Riboldi is a researcher at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, Politecnico di Milano.
He is assistant professor for the courses of Flight Mechanics, Aircraft Design and Wind Turbine Design.